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Terms & Conditions of Sales

The general conditions of sale set out below apply to any purchase by a natural person and adult on the website registered in the Commercial Register under number 498 890 748 R.C.S. Nîmes, located 13 rue de Garons – 30,000 Nimes – France
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Article 1: Application of the general conditions of sale

The general conditions of sale presented here apply to all orders placed on the website when the sites are accessible and operational on the internet.

To have the possibility of validating his order, the customer must expressly read and accept without reserve the general conditions of sale exposed on the site.

If it happened that a court modified the legislation or the regulations in force, which did not allow the application of one or more clauses of our general conditions of sale, this would not alter all of our conditions. Also this would not change the fact that the customer must know and validate our conditions.

If it happens that a condition is not presented in our general conditions of sale then the conditions not established will be administered according to the rules of the trade to individuals on French soil.

STEEZYWAVE may modify its general conditions of sale at any time.

If this happens, the purchase will be governed by the general conditions of sale present on the website on the day of purchase. 

Article 2: The buyer

The customer must be of legal age and must be legally able to order and to accept without reservation the general conditions of sale on the website

The customer must provide his surname, first name, address, telephone and valid e-mail address to STEEZYWAVE accurately and without data acquired illegally, in the event of incorrect information STEEZYWAVE cannot be held responsible for any consequences whatsoever.

Article 3: Price

Prices are presented in euros all taxes included, shipping costs are not included.

In the case of a shipment to an importing country or when passing through a transit country, the tax, duty or taxes payable under French law or that of the importing or transit country are at the customer charge.

STEEZYWAVE may change its prices at any time, but the price indicated at the time of purchase cannot be changed, subject to the availability of the item on the date of the order.

Until full payment of the order and the amount owed by the customer, the products sold by STEEZYWAVE remain the property of STEEZYWAVE without restriction.

Article 4: STEEZYWAVE articles

The articles sold on the site are in conformity with the French legislation and the standards which result from it. The information that presents our products is given as an indication.

The items sold on the site are presented in the most fair and realistic way possible, if it happens that an error or omission is present, the responsibility of STEEZYWAVE cannot be engaged..

No form of media (videos, photos, …) can be opposed to STEEZYWAVE

Article 5: Order on

The order will be approved only if the payment thereof has been fully realized and validated by STEEZYWAVE. STEEZYWAVE may reject an order if the sale seems risky to it, i.e. if the customer appears to be a person who could have a defect in the payment of the said order or if the customer is already in litigation with STEEZYWAVE .

STEEZYWAVE may ask the customer for additional information concerning, for example, his identity or his domicile (non-exhaustive). In the event of no response to his request within 4 days, STEEZYWAVE may reject the order and cancel the payment.

Orders will be accepted and approved within the limits of available stocks.

We are very attentive to the management of our stocks but in the case of the unavailability of one of our products following an error in the stocks. STEEZYWAVE will inform the customer by e-mail and will offer him an equivalent product, in the case of the customer’s unwillingness to exchange, then STEEZYWAVE will refund the price paid by the customer to the bank account which was used to pay the ordered.

The general conditions of sale of STEEZYWAVE are only applicable to the original purchaser of the STEEZYWAVE products.

The order on is subject to these general conditions of sale, it is confirmed and is valid for final consent thanks to the “Double Click” process.

The “Double Click” process holds value of signature between the customer and STEEZYWAVE.

STEEZYWAVE advises its customers to keep their invoice and store it on several computer media. The customer has the obligation to check his invoice so that the information he has provided for it is accurate.

STEEZYWAVE is not responsible for errors in customer information and therefore delays or errors in deliveries that result.

In the event of an error in the information of a customer, the resulting costs are the responsibility of the customer.

STEEZYWAVE stores all the computer files attesting to the orders, exchanges and payments that have occurred between the parties in a durable and secure way in order to be produced as proof if necessary.

Article 6: Delivery of the article(s)

STEEZYWAVE delivers the items ordered on in 12 working days (the count begins the first working day following the day of the order) for France (excluding DOM – TOM) and 20 days for international deliveries .

STEEZYWAVE is not responsible for delays in delivery, which may cause the date of receipt of the item(s) to vary, resulting from a case of force majeure or an insurmountable event which could not be foreseen or in the event that the delay was caused by the customer.

The delivery address entered during the validation of the order by the customer cannot be modified. The items are delivered with the invoice attached to the delivery address provided when the order is validated by the customer. STEEZYWAVE does not deliver to hotels, RBNBs or vacation rentals (not exhaustive). The delivery address entered must be either the customer’s residential address, or the residential address of a natural person of the customer’s choice or of a legal person (in the case of delivery to the place of work).

In order for the delivery to be made within the announced deadlines, the customer must verify and guarantee to STEEZYWAVE that the information provided for his delivery address is correct and precise and that the mailbox, intercom (not exhaustive) is identified.

STEEZYWAVE does not deliver its items to the following countries: Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Benin, Bouvet Islands, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Chad, Colombia, Comoros, North Korea, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Equatorial, Guinea, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Liberia, Libya , Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Micronesia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nigeria, Northern Mariana Islands, Pakistan, Palestine, Puerto Rico, Rwanda, Somalia, Syria, Yemen.

Due to the current Ukrainian-Russian conflict STEEZYWAVE does not deliver its items to these two countries as well as in belarus, Crimea, Sevastopol.

STEEZYWAVE is not responsible for input errors by the customer when ordering, and the additional delivery time that results, the costs incurred in this case to reship the product are entirely the responsibility of the customer.

STEEZYWAVE is not responsible for carrier errors or exceptional events that could lead to delays in delivery of items ordered.

STEEZYWAVE undertakes to notify the customer in the event of a delay in preparation (excluding exceptional events) and to offer him a refund of his order if no alternative suits the buyer and the seller.

As soon as STEEZYWAVE delivers to the carrier designated by the customer the item(s) ordered, then in fact the customer becomes the owner, it is up to him to seek recourse against the carrier chosen in the event of damage to the goods.

The delivery area for STEEZYWAVE items only corresponds to the sales area.

STEEZYWAVE uses Colissimo International for its deliveries abroad the delivery costs are the responsibility of the customer, the prices are different according to the destinations and the weight of the packages, governed by the price list of Colissimo International in force.

Each shipment made via the Colissimo service is accompanied by ad valorem insurance.

Article 6 – 1: Delivery problems caused by the carrier

The customer must check the condition of the package upon receipt of it. If the customer notices an external delivery non-conformity (damaged package, items in poor condition, lack of product, etc.), he must send a complaint e-mail via this standard form

STEEZYWAVE delivers its parcels by Colissimo, if during an order the customer’s parcel arrives damaged or opened, the customer must have his postman or post office draw up a “spoliation report” (report 170), then make a complaint on within 2 working days following the date of delivery, in this complaint he will express in detail the spoliation.

In addition, the customer must, within 2 working days following the delivery date, send a copy of these 2 elements either by post or by e-mail to:


13 rue de Garons

30000 NIMES


Or by email via this standard form

All complaints received outside the deadlines announced above will not be processed.

Article 6 – 2: Item delivered non-compliant – Inaccurate order preparation

The customer must declare any non-compliant item delivered or any inaccurate preparation of the order vis-à-vis his invoice on the day of delivery or the 1st working day following delivery by sending an email via this standard form, the customer must explain his claim in detail and indicate his order/invoice number. All complaints that arrive outside the deadlines and rules announced above will not be processed and STEEZYWAVE will be discharged of all liability vis-à-vis the customer.

STEEZYWAVE will indicate the admissibility of its complaint by return e-mail to the customer, the return of an item can only be made with the return authorization e-mail and the application of the procedure indicated above. 

When the customer receives the return authorization e-mail, he has 14 days from the date of receipt of said e-mail, to return his non-compliant order accompanied by his order number, in his original packaging. original, items must not have been used, tag uncut, absolute mint condition at:


13 rue de Garons

30000 NIMES


All complaints outside the procedures announced above will not be processed.

Article 7: Payment

Article 7 – 1: Methods of payment

When the customer validates his order, he unreservedly approves all the General Conditions of Sale of The customer will pay for his purchase via the UpToPay secure payment platform, with the possibility of paying for his purchases by credit card CB, Visa or Mastercard. When the customer validates the payment of his articles by his choice, his order is confirmed and definitively validated.

Article 7 – 2: 3D Secure

When placing your order, you may be subject to a 3D Secure bank verification. The 3D Secure protocol is an additional check from your bank that secures your purchase on websites. This verification allows confirmation of the identity of the cardholder making the purchase.

Here’s how a 3D Secure verification works:

Once you have just finished integrating your bank details for your purchase and you have validated the payment, the control page of your bank will be displayed, on this page you will have to fill in information so that your bank guarantees the identity of the cardholder. You may be asked for a code received by SMS, to answer a personal question, to note your date of birth, etc.

When you exchange information with your bank, your exchanges are protected and are processed directly by your bank. In the event of a problem with this function, we invite you to contact your bank.

Please note that 3 simultaneous failures on your part to authenticate you lead to the cancellation of your order.

Article 7 – 3: Control of payments by STEEZYWAVE

STEEZYWAVE may ask you to produce additional documents in order to validate your order, indeed STEEZYWAVE defends itself against fraudsters and will check your order placed on, in this context STEEZYWAVE may ask you for the buyer’s proof of address , a copy of your identity card or your passport (not exhaustive).

Article 7 – 4: Security – protected banking transactions

STEEZYWAVE has delegated transaction protection to Stripe and PayPal. The data only circulates in an encrypted way, they cannot be read by a third party and are never stored by STEEZYWAVE.

At the time of the purchase of one or more items on the customer’s bank will contact Stripe or PayPal to analyze the risks associated with fraud, STEEZYWAVE cannot be held liable in the event of blocking of the transaction, suspected of fraudulent bank movement.

When the customer transmits his card number to validate an order on then by this action he expressly agrees to the debit of his account for the amount of this order. In the event that STEEZYWAVE cannot debit the customer’s account, an order cancellation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address indicated by the customer.

STEEZYWAVE stores data for proof of order and sale. Payment data is never stored by STEEZYWAVE. Stripe and PayPal records payment data as proof of all transactional exchanges between STEEZYWAVE and the customer

Article 8: Time required for the debit

A period of 5 days will be required for the payment by credit card to be validated, the debit will be made after this period.

Article 9: Processing of Personal Data

STEEZYWAVE gives itself the right to retain customer data, however the user or customer of the site may contest the commercial use of their data and has the right to access, withdraw or modify the data concerning him.

Article 10: Exchange, refund, return

The customer has the possibility of requesting the exchange of his article, within 14 days from the date of receipt of his order (L.221-18). Only the date of receipt of the said order will be taken into account for the processing of the exchange request. Returns of items as part of this exchange are the responsibility of the customer.

If the customer decides to return an item, then the customer must first send a purchase return request via this standard form. This request by e-mail is imperative for the processing of the return of the product. The customer will receive a confirmation by return e-mail of the feasibility of the exchange.

The return of an item is subject to this confirmation by e-mail by STEEZYWAVE and by the application of the procedure mentioned above.

The return address:

13 rue de Garons
30000 NIMES


STEEZYWAVE recommends that you return the items to us via Colissimo with tracking and signature and insure the package for the value of the contents. STEEZYWAVE will not accept any complaints for shipments without a tracking number. In order to facilitate the processing of the return by our services, we invite you to write your purchase return number on your package.

For STEEZYWAVE to validate the return, it is imperative that the item be in its completeness, unused, unworn, undamaged, in absolute new condition (perfect cleanliness, unwashed), in its original packaging.

STEEZYWAVE will return to the customer any item that is not presented for return in absolute new condition (either in its completeness, unused, unworn, undamaged, in its original packaging) without offering the possibility of exchange or refund.

All items refused in return are returned to the customer by STEEZYWAVE, in this case STEEZYWAVE will bear the return costs without the customer being able to claim any compensation.

Without respecting the deadline and the procedure presented above, STEEZYWAVE will not accept any complaint for the return of an article.

If a return request concerns an order error on the part of the customer, for example a model error or a size error, then the return costs to STEEZYWAVE are the responsibility of the customer. STEEZYWAVE will bear the costs of reshipping, which is why only one exchange request is accepted per order. Exchanges are possible within the limits of available stocks and within the limit of the amount of the price of the item when ordering, excluding discounts, sales and other promotions.

Article 11: Purchase refund

STEEZYWAVE will refund the customer, excluding shipping costs, within 11 days (the date of receipt of the returned product being taken as proof). STEEZYWAVE will refund the customer on the card used to pay for the order.

The customer will be able to benefit from a credit note for the amount on the site if he wishes.

Article 12: Credits

The credit issued by STEEZYWAVE following the return of an item is valid for 6 months. It can be used on the entire range of items on the site.

Credits are not cumulative with promotion codes.

Article 13: Promotion codes

Promotion codes cannot be combined with each other and are applicable only to non-discounted prices.

Promotion codes are not cumulative with credit notes.

Article 14: Intellectual property

The code of intellectual property and copyright protect all the elements existing on the site, these said elements are the exclusive property of STEEZYWAVE, in this respect any reproduction, even partial, of the elements of the site .com is prohibited and may result in legal action.

STEEZYWAVE authorizes the sharing of the pages of the site on social networks or websites provided that STEEZYWAVE is not harmed in any way whatsoever. STEEZYWAVE does not authorize the establishment of links on sites that do not belong to you. In this case STEEZYWAVE may request the removal of said link. All links, publications that would associate STEEZYWAVE with another entity, company, association, legal person, natural person in a false manner are prohibited.. 

Article 15: Limitation of liability

In the case of misuse, user error, clumsiness of the customer vis-à-vis the items purchased on the site then STEEZYWAVE can not be responsible for the third party for the resulting damage(s).

STEEZYWAVE has made every effort to ensure that the customer of the site can order, consult, pay, have delivery, and have access to all the services available on the site. STEEZYWAVE is not responsible for any inconvenience associated with the Internet network, such as viral intrusions or other computer malfunctions. In the event of force majeure, STEEZYWAVE is exempt from all liability, in view of the case law of the Court of Cassation. STEEZYWAVE can only be liable up to the amount of the buyer’s order.

As a general rule, the websites are available 24/7, STEEZYWAVE and its service providers may, for upgrading, for assistance, maintenance or any other conditions including the Case of Force Majeure, interrupt the accessibility of the site without the responsibility of STEEZYWAVE being engaged. STEEZYWAVE is not liable for any damages resulting from the situation set out above.

No compensation may be requested from STEEZYWAVE in the event of the deletion of a customer’s account from, without conditions by it. STEEZYWAVE will not be liable.

If an error slips into one of the texts, photographs or other elements that it is presenting the articles sold on the site, STEEZYWAVE will not be responsible, these elements are not contractual.

The photographs, descriptions and other elements of the site are purely indicative and in no way entail the responsibility of STEEZYWAVE in the case of a small difference with reality. Indeed, many technical actions intervene on these elements and can make differ the perception of the article by the Customer, STEEZYWAVE cannot be held responsible for these differences.

STEEZYWAVE is in no way liable for damages resulting from improper use of its products.

STEEZYWAVE is in no way responsible for damage resulting from a modification of its products by its supplier.

In the event of computer malice, hacking, malfunction, error, etc. STEEZYWAVE may cancel an order, STEEZYWAVE will contact the customer to notify him. STEEZYWAVE will not be liable for consequential damages incurred by a customer or a third party even if it could be foreseen by STEEZYWAVE or if STEEZYWAVE had been alerted to its possibility. STEEZYWAVE’s liability is limited to the amount paid by the customer for the purchase of the product on, the amount of this transaction is the ascendancy of the liability.

STEEZYWAVE is not responsible for the non-execution of the contract which binds it with the buyer in the event of a stock error, shortage, unavailability, force majeure, strike, bad weather and any other climatic, social or health element.

The customer may, in the event of a dispute with STEEZYWAVE, request an amicable resolution.

The general conditions of sale of the site are governed by French law, for execution before the competent courts.

Section 16: Compliance

The articles presented on the site are subject to the legal guarantee of conformity of the Consumer Code and the guarantee against hidden defects.

Article 16 – 1: Legal guarantee

According to the Consumer Code STEEZYWAVE is required to deliver a clean article as can be expected from a new similar article (if applicable equivalent to the description given on the site

Article 17: Information and contact 

If you need clarifications relating to the general conditions of sale presented on the site, contact us via this standard form.

Article 18: Ownership of Steezywave

Items sold on the site remain the entire property of the company STEEZYWAVE until full payment has been made.

Article 19: French law

French law administers these General Conditions of Sale, in the event of a dispute following a purchase on the site the French courts ensure the jurisdiction of the requests.

Article 20: Tolerances of minimal defects and micro-points (1mm)

The items sold on are specific to the use sought by the buyer, so despite the attention and care given to our production processes, a micro-trace related to printing or a minimal defect may be present, they do not diminish in any way the use and the quality of the work of the said article, thus STEEZYWAVE will not accept any complaint on this subject, these minimal defects and micro-points are tolerated by the uses of our profession and are not likely to call into question the validity of the sales contract. STEEZYWAVE has brought this specificity of our profession to the attention of the buyer in its general conditions of sale presented here and the latter has accepted them.

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