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Ethical eco-friendly clothing brand


Our brandname SteezyWave come from Steezy, an urban term particularly popular in boardsports circles that combines the words “style” and “easy” meaning “Effortlessly Stylish”.

Used to describe someone
that looks stylish in a completely natural and super cool way, it perfectly reflects the laid back spirit and creativity of our clothing & apparel.

Our clothes mix the best of street culture and an adventure eco lifestyle, with excellent craftsmanship and unique graphicsSteezyWave is an ethical & environmentally-friendly clothing brand.


Ethical eco-friendly clothing brand
Environmentally-friendly vegan clothing brand

Ecological & socially conscious brand

organic cotton streetwear clothing

100% certified organic cotton & vegan

The manufacturers of our apparel (t-shirts, sweatshirts) use 100% certified organic cotton grown or produced in a way that does not harm people, animals or the environment

Ethical eco-friendly clothing brand

Healthy environmental manufacturing Process

Thanks to the use of non-harmful raw materials and sustainable production methods of our manufacturers, certified by various independent bodies and standards, our garments are 100% fully sustainable.

Sustainable streetwear for slow fashion

Artisanal print & design

Our tees & tote bags are designed and printed in an artisanal way by a small team of enthusiasts. We print in limited quantities on site as close as possible to demand in order to avoid overproduction and long distance transport.

ethical t-shirt and hoodie fabric


Our partners have set up with Fair wear foundation a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach guaranteeing more ethical pratices, decent working conditions for their employees. Our brand also aims to be inclusive by offering unisex and plus size clothing.

Anti-waste fashion

We have implemented an anti-waste model. To fight against waste, we put on sale in the "second choice" section carefully selected clothes with slight imperfections that are difficult to notice.. These imperfections are the hallmark of craftsmanship. They constitute a charm and a proof of authenticity. In the same spirit as second-hand sales, these SteezyWave pieces are sold at lower prices than flawless models. In this way, our "alternative" category items provide an opportunity for all our customers, regardless of their financial means, to benefit from these limited edition pieces while making a beneficial contribution to the environment.

GOTS label for ethical fashion at Steezywave

Discover the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) label and Steezywave's Commitment to Ethical Fashion [Learn more...]

Our Certification labels

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