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Slipmat for vinyl turntable


In the enchanted world of vinyl music, where notes dance across grooves and melodies come to life, lies a precious and often overlooked piece of equipment: the turntable slipmat . But not just any slipmat . Imagine a mat that transcends the simple record holder to become a work of art, a door to a mystical realm where music and magic meet. It is into this magical world that our soft slipmat 12″ (33t) adorned with a unique pattern will take you, a creation that combines art and esotericism in a dazzling whirlwind of mystery and resonance.

On the front of this slipmats stands an enigmatic character, a figure halfway between the magician Gandalf and the alchemist from “The Sacred Mountain”. Draped in a cape, he holds in his hands a sacred vinyl, the object of all desires and all quests. Under his large hat covering his face, we can sense an ancient wisdom in his piercing eyes, a musical knowledge that transcends time and space.

Not only is this turntable slipmat a captivating work of art, but it is also designed with advanced technical properties that make it indispensable for any audiophile concerned with the quality of their vinyl collection. Made in France with specially selected high quality material, it offers a soft and resistant surface that protects your precious records from scratches and damage linked to repeated use.

Colors: White/Black

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Made in France with the finest materials and the most advanced techniques, this turntable slipmat combines quality and aesthetics in an unprecedented way. The delicate texture of the slipmat creates a protective barrier between the vinyl and the turntable, reducing wear and preserving the sound quality of your favorite recordings for generations to come. Every time you place a vinyl on this mat, you can rest assured that it will be handled with the utmost care, preserving its long-term value and integrity

In addition, this turntable pad is designed to minimize parasitic vibrations that could disrupt the sound quality of your listening experience. Specially selected materials effectively absorb unwanted vibrations, providing a stable and quiet platform for your turntable. This allows you to fully enjoy every note, every nuance, without disruption or interference, for an immersive and unforgettable listening experience.

The slipmat is in 12″ (33t) format and features on the front a mysterious character between Gandalf and the alchemist from “The Sacred Mountain”, holding a sacred vinyl and surmounted by an eye projecting rays prism-style sun. This slipmat is much more than a simple turntable accessory. It is a work of art in itself, a door to a world of magic and music where borders between reality and imagination blur, where dreams become reality and music becomes magic.

Whether you are a seasoned audiophile or a passionate vinyl enthusiast, this turntable slipmat combines aesthetics and functionality in a harmonious way. It protects your most valuable records while improving the sound quality of your playback system, providing the best of both worlds for an exceptional listening experience every time.

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