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Graphic t-shirt with GOTS label (Global Organic Textile Standard)

The world is rapidly evolving towards a growing awareness of the environmental and social issues related to our consumption choices. In this context, the GOTS label (Global Organic Textile Standard) appears as a guarantee of sustainability and responsibility in the fashion industry. At the same time, brands such as Steezywave have taken the initiative to promote sustainability by offering GOTS t-shirts, which combine style and commitment to a better future.

We will explore in detail the GOTS label (Global Organic Textile Standard) and its impact in the context of sustainable fashion, as well as the commitment of the Steezywave brand through the sale of GOTS t-shirts.

First, we examine the principles of the GOTS label, and then in a second part, Steezywave’s commitment to sustainable fashion and the importance of choosing environmentally friendly and socially fair products.

In the last part, we focused on the health benefits of GOTS certified garments, highlighting the absence of harmful chemicals, skin-friendly, breathable and comfortable, as well as reducing the risk of allergies.

The GOTS Label: An In-Depth Overview​

The Global Organic Textile Standard, or GOTS, is an international certification label for textile products made from organic fibers. Its main objective is to ensure sustainable and ethical practices throughout the textile supply chain, from the cultivation of raw materials to the distribution of finished products. The rigorous criteria of the GOTS label encompass three key dimensions:

The Organic aspect: The raw materials used for GOTS certified products must be organic, that is to say grown without the use of harmful pesticides or chemical fertilizers. This reduces the environmental impact of crops and protects the health of farmers and workers.

The Environmental Aspect: GOTS sets strict standards for water management and responsible use of natural resources. Production processes must also minimize waste and emissions of hazardous substances.

The Social Aspect: The GOTS label requires fair and safe working conditions for workers throughout the supply chain. Workers’ rights are respected, including their right to decent wages and decent working conditions.

In summary, the GOTS label offers consumers the guarantee that the products they buy meet strict standards in terms of ecology and social responsibility. 

Choosing GOTS certified products thus contributes to the preservation of the environment and the support of local communities.

t-shirts avec coton biologique et label GOTS
label GOTS Fabrication de vêtement respectueuse de l'environnement

Steezywave: A Brand Committed to Sustainability

In an ever-changing fashion landscape, brands like Steezywave stand out for their commitment to sustainability. By offering GOTS t-shirts, Steezywave highlights its concern for the environment and ethics in the manufacture of its products.

Steezywave’s GOTS t-shirts are made from organic raw materials, which means that no harmful chemicals are used in their production. In addition, the brand ensures that the entire manufacturing process meets the rigorous criteria of the GOTS label, from the cultivation of organic cotton to the dyeing and tailoring. This ensures t-shirts that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also respectful of the environment and workers’ rights.

By opting for Steezywave’s GOTS t-shirts, consumers are making an informed choice in favor of sustainable fashion. They support a brand that values ​​transparency, integrity and accountability. In addition, they actively contribute to the promotion of ethical and planet-friendly business practices.

The GOTS Label and the Health Aspect: The Benefits for Those Wearing GOTS

In addition to its environmental and social benefits, the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) label also offers considerable health benefits for those who wear GOTS-certified garments. The label’s rigorous standards for materials, manufacturing processes and chemical treatments have a direct impact on the quality of garments and can have positive effects on the health of consumers.

1. Absence of Harmful Chemicals: GOTS certified garments are made from organic raw materials which exclude the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. This means that potentially harmful chemical residues are not in direct contact with the skin. GOTS garments are also dyed and treated with label-approved substances, reducing the risk of exposure to allergenic or irritating chemicals.

2. Softness on the Skin: The organic fibers used in GOTS clothing, such as organic cotton, are naturally softer on the skin. They are less likely to cause irritation, redness or itching, making them particularly suitable for people with sensitive or allergy-prone skin.

tissu textile coton bio label GOTS

3.  Machines Dedicated to GOTS products: The GOTS label ensures that the workshops exclusively use machines dedicated to GOTS production to prevent any contamination of residues on the fabrics.

4. Breathability and Comfort: Organic fibers used in GOTS garments tend to be more breathable than synthetic fibers. This allows air to flow more easily through the fabrics, helping to regulate body temperature and prevent moisture buildup, which is essential for skin comfort and health.

5. Reduced Risk of Allergies: By avoiding the use of toxic chemicals in the growing and processing of fibers, GOTS garments can reduce the risk of allergic reactions or skin sensitivities. This is especially important for people prone to chemical allergies or skin reactions.

6. Respect for Skin Balance: The chemicals present in some conventional clothing can disrupt the natural balance of the skin by affecting its pH and clogging pores. GOTS clothing, by avoiding these chemicals, allows the skin to maintain its natural and healthy balance.

By choosing GOTS-certified clothing, consumers can therefore not only contribute to the sustainability of the textile industry, but also enjoy a more comfortable and health-friendly clothing experience.

The combination of organic fibers, natural dyes and rigorous production standards makes GOTS clothing a wise choice for those looking for clothing that takes care of both their well-being and the planet.

Conclusion: The Alliance between GOTS and Steezywave for Better Fashion

The GOTS label embodies the highest standards in sustainable and ethical fashion. Its commitment to the biological, environmental and social aspect of textile production makes it a reliable guide for consumers concerned about the impact of their choices.

Steezywave, for its part, highlights these values by offering GOTS t-shirts that embody the balance between style and responsibility. By offering a series of premium t-shirts that meet GOTS label requirements, Steezywave demonstrates its dedication to fashion that’s kinder to the planet and people.

Ultimately, the partnership between the GOTS label and brands such as Steezywave demonstrates that sustainable fashion is an accessible reality. By choosing GOTS certified products, consumers are supporting a greener and socially equitable textile industry, while dressing with style and conviction.

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