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Eco-responsible vegan and fairtrade graphic t-shirts

The principle of transparency is a fundamental ethical standard for us. This requires that our methods of designing our graphic t-shirts be clear to those who are going to buy them.

It’s essential that future buyers are kept informed of our production processes.

Finally, we believe that a customer who is well informed about the design process will be much more motivated to buy our graphic t-shirts.

The main objective of this article is therefore to talk transparently about the printing method we have chosen. As well as the impact of this choice on the final result of our work. Indeed, we have found that there is a real link between the printing technique and the quality of the articles obtained.

In order that you know more about our graphic t-shirt screen printing project, we will introduce this type of printing to you. First, we will compare it with other print modes. Secondly, we’ll explain the different stages of its realization.

Then, we will detail its main strengths, those that made us decide to opt for this process and which allowed us to obtain an original and qualitative print on our t-shirts.

Screen printed t-shirt VS Digitally printed t-shirt

There are two common printing methods: textile digital printing and screen printing. 

Screen printing

Screen printing is a process of printing text, images or designs onto fabric using UV light and pressure.

This technique uses a stencil to transfer ink onto fabric via a screen, creating an image similar to a negative image.

Textile digital printing

Digital textile printing is a newer technology that prints directly onto textile using a printer. However, this process is not yet developed on dark textiles.

To have a more successful color rendering on dark textiles, digital printing can also be done on transfer paper which will then be hot pressed on the textile. This gives a result with a low quality plasticized effect, very close to flocking. It is for this reason in particular that we have opted for screen printing.

Our workshops for printing our t-shirts are artisanal
Our workshops for printing our t-shirts are artisanal

How to screen print graphic t-shirts ?

Step 1 : Preparing the image

First, the process begins with the creation of a digital image which is then printed on a large sheet of transparent paper. Usually this image is prepared using a computer, but can also be drawn or painted by hand.

2nd step : Insulation of the screen

Once the image is printed, the paper is placed on a mesh screen covered with photosensitive emulsion that we place under Ultraviolet (UV) light.

After that, the parts of the screen exposed to UV will be waterproof. They will act as a barrier to prevent ink from leaking through the screen and into surrounding areas. Only the parts remaining in the shade of the pattern will be permeable.

Thus, the screen has an opening through which the ink can pass and be pressed onto the material placed below (in our case, a t-shirt).

Due to this technique, the screen becomes a stencil which will be used to print the pattern on the fabric.

3rd step : Printing

Finally, the ink is spread on the screen using a squeegee. Then, by pressure, it is applied through the opening to the fabric placed below.

Thus, the process can be repeated to produce multiple copies of a design, or to print different colors onto the fabric to create multicolored designs. Good to know: for a multicolored t-shirt, you need one screen per color. Therefore, repeat steps 1 through 3 for each color. It takes a little more time and energy than with a digital printer. However, the result is impressive.

As can be seen, this printing technique is more delicate and sophisticated, and more particularly the preparation of the screens, so it is more suitable for higher volumes of t-shirt production. However, as we have opted for production in limited quantities as close as possible to demand to avoid waste and overproduction, it is less profitable for us. Indeed, the cost of setting up the screens can be quite high, which has an impact on the final price.

Nevertheless, we still wanted to keep this printing process. It has many advantages and values ​​that we will explain to you in the next paragraph.

Streetwear brand chemical free printing

The advantages of screen-printed graphic t-shirts

Important to realize that screen printing has long been known as a type of high-quality printing. Undeniably it’s “The” perfect method for printing graphic t-shirts.

There are several reasons for this:

Artist silkscreen t-shirt, the perfect combination

First, Screen printing is an amazing art form that can be used to create beautiful and unique clothing and accessories,

Using stencils and a screen, an artist can create a unique work of art on a t-shirt or garment.

By using stencils, the artist can control the appearance of the design during the printing process.

Furthermore, a skilled artist can create very detailed and complex designs. They reproduce beautifully on screen printed garments.

100% organic cotton Tropical Hawaiian Graphic Tees
Ramen Tiger Print Graphic Tees
Ramen Tiger Print Graphic Tees

Graphic t-shirts with high quality and durable printing

Second, screen printing is a high quality printing method.

The ink is actually embedded in the fabric of the t-shirt instead of being printed on it. It is therefore much more durable than other types of printing.

Also it can be used for full-color prints or for smaller one-color designs. In addition, it can handle gradients and shadows really well !

This means that your printed t-shirts will last a long time without fading or getting dirty.

Additionally, when the design is multi-colored, it will look exactly as we designed, with no color bleeding. This is ideal when the artist wants their design to look exactly as they imagined.

Screen printing the oldest form of printing is still widely used today. Because it can produce images on a wider variety of fabrics than digital printing. As our t-shirts are made with 100% certified cotton, screen printing lends itself better to this type of fabric.

T-shirts that respect your skin and the environment

Another reason screen printing is better than other printing techniques is that it gives your t-shirts a touchable texture that makes them comfortable to wear.

Finally, digital printing is generally considered less environmentally friendly than screen printing. Indeed, it usually requires the use of harsh chemicals to create the inks used in its process. While screen printing uses water-based inks which can be more environmentally friendly.

Where to buy screen printed graphic t-shirts ?

In conclusion, if you are looking for a t-shirt that is comfortable to wear and still looks great, you should definitely consider buying a Steezywave screen printed t-shirt.

We use screen printing to create an print that is both unique and artistic, while conveying a message or an idea.

Looking for something to show off your style and personality?

Check out our latest collection of graphic tees in our online store! From kawaii to nerd, we have a great range of t-shirts to offer for everyone.

T-shirts with craft print design

Made from high quality fabrics and featuring stunning graphics, these t-shirts will make a statement in any setting. They come in a wide range of sizes (Small to XXL) and a variety of fits so you can find the perfect t-shirt for any occasion.

These unique art pieces are perfect as gifts or to complete your screen printed graphic t-shirt collection!

Next time you’re looking for the perfect gift for your family or friends, consider giving them something truly unique and special with a limited edition artwork !

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