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CONDITION: Second hand – Mint (M)

Doctor Fluorescent” is a captivating vinyl from the musical project of Californians Scott Gilmore and Eddie Rusha, known under the artist name E Ruscha V. Eddie Rusha is the son of famous photographer Ed Ruscha, and his artistic heritage is reflected in his music. . Released in 2020, this vinyl album features an eclectic mix of styles, ranging from experimental electronic music to elements of psychedelic pop.

Doctor Fluorescent” is a musical narration that delves into the tale of a mad scientist. The latter, using abandoned electronic instruments, creates a unique and captivating soundtrack. The album transports us into the fascinating world of this eccentric character, mixing sounds from abandoned electronic devices to give life to an unprecedented electronic symphony. Through this unique artistic creation, “Doctor Fluorescent” invites us to explore the dark and imaginative recesses of the mad scientist’s mind, plunging us into an extraordinary sound universe.

Label: Crammed Discs

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The vinyl album entitled “Doctor Fluorescent” is the joint project of the duo Secret Circuit and Scott Gilmore released in 2020 on the record label “Crammed Discs“.

This album combines the distinctive musical talents of Scott Gilmore and Eddie Ruscha to create electronic music rich in experimentation. Their music is often described as imbued with a retro-futuristic vibe and a certain nostalgia for electronic sounds of the past, while incorporating contemporary elements.

Secret Circuit is the pseudonym of American artist Eddie Ruscha (aka Ed Ruscha ou E Ruscha V), a musician and producer of electronic music. Eddie Ruscha is from Los Angeles, California and is known for his experimental electronic music and unique approach to music creation.

Secret Circuit‘s music is often associated with genres such as cosmic electronic music, ambient music, downtempo music and experimental music. His work is characterized by atmospheric sound textures, hypnotic rhythms and world music elements.

The artist has released music under various reputable labels including Beats in Space, Emotional Response. He has also collaborated with other talented electronic artists such as Tom of England (Thomas Bullock), Mike Simonetti or LoveFingers (Andrew Hogge) and has participated in various musical projects.

It should be noted that Secret Circuit is a project that embodies diversity and experimentation in electronic music. Eddie Ruscha is renowned for his ability to push sonic boundaries and create unique soundscapes, making him a respected artist in the world of experimental electronic music.

Scott Gilmore is also active as a solo artist and has released musical projects under his own name on renowned underground labels Crammed Discs and International Feel recording.

The albumDoctor Fluorescent – Doctor Fluorescent” was well received by electronic music fans and is an example of the creativity and experimentation that artists like Scott can bring Gilmore and Eddie Ruscha in the field of electronic music.

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