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Yan Tregger – Space Oddities 1974-1991 – BB158LP (LP Album)


CONDITION: Second hand – Mint (M)

Yan Tregger – Space Oddities 1974-1991” is a vinyl that brings together a fascinating collection of compositions by French artist Yan Tregger. This vinyl album offers a sound journey through different eras, ranging from 1974 to 1991. The tracks on the album capture the essence of the era, mixing various musical influences such as electronic music, disco, funk and jazz. ambient. Yan Tregger‘s compositions are marked by haunting melodies, catchy rhythms and richly textured arrangements. “Yan Tregger – Space Oddities 1974-1991” is a vinyl that offers immersion in a captivating and retro-futuristic sound universe, evoking cinematic images and evocative atmospheres. It is an ideal choice for vintage electronic music enthusiasts, collectors of musical rarities and enthusiasts of musical time travel.

Label: Born Bad Records

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This tribute album “Yan Tregger – Space Oddities 1974-1991” is compiled by Alexis Le Tan and Jess.

Alexis Le Tan is a French DJ and producer, specializing in electronic music and world music. He is known for his love of rare vinyl records and his ability to blend eclectic sounds to create unique and captivating mixes.

Jess, on the other hand, is another French DJ and record collector, who is also renowned for his varied musical selections and his passion for rare vinyl records.

Yan Tregger – Space Oddities 1974-1991” is part of a series of compilations dedicated to “library music” entitled “Space Oddities“, all compiled by Alexis Le tan and Jess.

Originally, library music was music reserved for sound and image professionals who were looking for a sound design for their creations at a lower cost. It was produced in very few copies. Its exclusive character has made it music highly prized by collectors.

The richness and sound quality have also contributed to this enthusiasm among collectors. Since their creations were not intended for the general public, the composers did not feel the pressure of the charts, which allowed them to compose freely. This resulted in some very creative and high quality tracks.

Yan Tregger, real name Edouard Scotto di Suoccio, is a French composer and musician who was very active in the 1970s and 1980s producing numerous library music compositions for labels such as Musical Touch Sound, Montparnasse 2000, and L’Illustration Musicale, among others. He also composed the credits of the famous cult television series LES SHADOCKS. His works have been used in numerous films, commercials and television shows, but he has remained relatively unknown to the general public.

However, with the rise of interest in library music and compilations dedicated to it, some of his tracks have gained popularity among collectors and retro and vintage music lovers.

Reissue labels such as “Permanent Vacation” have made it possible to rediscover and appreciate the work of Yan Tregger, in particular by including his compositions in this famous series of “Space Oddities” compilations dedicated to the music library. Yan Tregger was already present on the first compilation of this series with the title “Girls Will Be Girls”.

His musical style is often characterized by electronic, funk, and psychedelic sounds, with a cinematic atmosphere. Yan Tregger‘s tracks have a retro charm, and his music has a captivating atmosphere that has earned him growing recognition in the field of ambient music and specialized music collections.

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