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24 Carat Black – III – Champagne Vinyl (LP Album)


CONDITION: Second hand -Mint (M)

Champagne vinyl pressing

24 Carat Black – III” is a captivating vinyl album by the American band 24 Carat Black. As a reminder, 24 Carat Black is a formation made up of about twenty musicians created and produced by Dale Warren, famous arranger of the mythical Motown Records label but also of Stax records where he worked notably alongside Isaac Hayes. This album is the band’s third release. It offers a unique fusion of soul, funk and orchestral music. The songs on the album are skillfully orchestrated, with rich arrangements and powerful horn sections. The introspective and profound lyrics of this collective reflect social and political themes, providing an engaged listening experience. The album “24 Carat Black – III” is a harmonious blend of haunting melodies and catchy rhythms that transports listeners into a nostalgic and emotional atmosphere. It’s a vinyl that will delight soul and funk music lovers looking for rare and timeless nuggets.

Label: Number Group

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24 Carat Black – III” is the third album by 24-Carat Black, released in 2020 by the Numero Group label.

24-Carat Black is an American soul and funk band formed in the 1970s. The group is best known for their album “Ghetto: Misfortune’s Wealth”, which became a cult album in the field soul and funk music.

24-Carat Black was formed by Dale Warren, a music arranger and producer known for his work with Motown Records and Stax records (in collaboration with Isaac Hayes), and included a group of talented musicians. The album “Ghetto: Misfortune’s Wealth” was recorded in 1973 and released the same year. The album is notable for its blend of orchestral soul, funk and spoken word. The album’s lyrics touch on social and political themes, highlighting the struggles and realities of life in the inner city.

The album “Ghetto: Misfortune’s Wealth” was relatively little known upon its release, but over time it gained recognition and became a classic of soul and funk music. He influenced many later artists in hip-hop, R&B, and black music in general. Songs from the album, such as “Poverty’s Paradise” and “Mother’s Day”, are particularly acclaimed for their emotional depth and social message.

24-Carat Black is an example of soul and funk music’s ability to address social issues and create powerful, emotional music that resonates with a wide audience. The group left a lasting mark on the history of black American music.

Although not as widely recognized as their debut album, “24 Carat Black – III” was praised for its unique blend of soul, funk and music. orchestral, as well as for its meaningful and committed lyrics. This album shows an evolution of the band’s sound and remains beloved by fans of soul and funk music who appreciate 24-Carat Black‘s creativity and experimentation.

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