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After Dark – Italian Do It Better (2007, CD)


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This compilation is for sale in CD format.

The Italian Do It Better album “After Dark” is a haunting CD from the record label “Italians Do It Better“.

An independent electronic music label founded in 2006 by Johnny Jewel and Mike Simonetti, Italian Do It Better is best known for its role in promoting the musical genre called “Italo Disco” and for its contributions to the retro-futuristic music scene.

Its artists, including Chromatics, Glass Candy, Mirage, and Farah featured on this compilation, deliver a retro, nostalgic, and haunting aesthetic reminiscent of the 80s.

Dark ambience, synth pads and haunting vocals are hallmark elements of the label’s releases, creating a unique and captivating atmosphere.

After Dark” offers a nocturnal vibe, evoking images of bustling parties and sparkling neon lights.

After Dark” is a must-have CD for lovers of retro electronic music and fans of 80s aesthetics. It captures the spirit of the night and offers a fascinating dive into the musical universe of “Italians Do It Better“.

Record label: Italian Do It Better


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This “After Dark – Italian Do It Better” compilation is available in CD format.

The “After Dark” album is a seductive creation of the independent electronic music label “Italians Do It Better“. The artists of “Italians Do It Better“, including Chromatics, Glass Candy, Mirage and Farah, are all present on this compilation

Thanks to the collaboration of Johnny Jewel and Mike Simonetti, Italian Do It Better has become an emblematic label of the independent electronic scene, gaining popularity for its original artistic approach and its ability to create a unique atmosphere through its music.

Johnny Jewel is a member of several musical groups and projects, including Chromatics, Glass Candy, Desire and Symmetry, all of which have been associated with the “Italians Do It Better” label. He is widely recognized for his major role in the independent label “Italians Do It Better” and for his aura of guru with the groups of which he is a member.

His musical style is characterized by layers of atmospheric synthesizers, dark and melancholic moods, as well as influences from new wave and 80s synth-pop. His music is often described as cinematic, evoking images of urban nights and futuristic landscapes.

In addition to his musical career, Johnny Jewel has also worked in the film industry, composing soundtracks for several films, including Nicolas Winding Refn‘s “Drive” and Ryan Gosling‘s “Lost River“.

Mike Simonetti is an American producer, DJ, and entrepreneur, known for his role in founding and running the label. He helped shape the aesthetics and musical orientation of the label, notably by highlighting the “Italo Disco” style and the retro-futuristic “Neo dark disco” atmosphere that characterizes the label’s productions.

The label is renowned for its promotion of the musical genre “Italo Disco” and for its ability to transform it into a style that is both darker and delicate. It is also worth highlighting the exceptional vocal performances of Ruth Radelet and Ida No, who largely contributed to the success of the groups Chromatics and Glass Candy, making them the two essential pillars of the label.

Launched in 2007, a year after the creation of the label, this compilation has played an essential role in its growth by giving it international visibility. Distributed to the public during the artists’ lives, it contributed to the acquisition of worldwide fame for the label.

After Dark – Italian Do It Better” evokes a nocturnal atmosphere, transporting us to lively evenings with twinkling lights.

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