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Doing It In Lagos – Boogie, Pop & Disco In 1980s Nigeria (LP Album)


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3 LP are included in this album.

The compilation albumDoing It In Lagos (Boogie, Pop & Disco In 1980s Nigeria)” is a collection of songs that highlights the vibrant music scene of the Nigeriain the 1980s. The album was released in 2016 by the Soundway Records label, which is known for highlighting world music and lesser-known musical genres.

The album “Doing It In Lagos (Boogie, Pop & Disco In 1980s Nigeria)” is a true dive into afrobeat music, boogie, funk and disco that flourished in Nigeria during this decade. The 1980s were a period of growth and diversification of popular music in the country. This boom has been largely fueled by the introduction of new music technologies, including synthesizers, drum machines, and electronic music productions, which have transformed the Nigerian musical landscape.

The album “Doing It In Lagos” compiles a selection of tracks that reflect this era of creativity and musical experimentation. It highlights artists and groups such as Steve Monite, Peter Abdul, and many others, who helped shape the unique sound of the Nigerian music from the 1980s.

The albumDoing It In Lagos” was warmly received by music critics and music lovers around the world. He has successfully shed light on a little-known period in Nigeria’s musical history, thereby reviving forgotten musical pieces and introducing them to a new generation of listeners. Additionally, this album played a significant role in popularizing the music reissue scene, bringing rare and forgotten recordings from the past to the fore.”

Label : Soundway Records -SNDWLP087

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The albumDoing It In Lagos” is a fascinating musical compilation that allows listeners to discover a part of the history of the strong>Nigerian African music from the 1980sthat deserves to be celebrated and preserved.

The songs on the album “Doing It In Lagos” are characterized by danceable disco beats, funky bass lines, catchy melodies and lyrics often focused on happy and festive themes. The album reflects not only the energy and optimism of the era, but also the fusion of local and international musical influences that helped create this distinctive sound.

This compilation features artists like Peter Abdul, Steve Monite.

Steve Monite is mainly recognized for his song “Only You” released in 1984. The song quickly became a major hit and gained popularity not only in Nigeria but also in other parts of the world. “Only You” is a classic example of disco music, with driving rhythms, funk instrumentation and the distinctive vocals of Steve Monite. “Only You” was included on this compilation and album reissues, helping to preserve its musical legacy.

Steve Monite helped shape the music scene in Nigeria in the 1980s by bringing elements of Western disco, funk and pop into his music. His ability to fuse these genres with elements of Nigerian music has had a significant impact on the local music scene and helped popularize these styles in the country.

As for Peter Abdul, he participated in the musical excitement of the 1980s in Nigeria. He brought his own twist to the fusion of Western and Nigerian musical genres, creating a distinctive sound that appealed to audiences. The track “I don’t Know” featured on the compilation is one of Peter Abdul’s most iconic songs and an example of his musical creativity.

Doing It In Lagos” has been well received by critics and music fans around the world for its ability to highlight a little-known period in Nigeria‘s musical history strong>. He helped bring this forgotten music back to life and introduce it to new generations of listeners. The album also contributed to the rise of the music reissue scene, showcasing rare and forgotten recordings from the past.

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