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Mf Doom – Special Herbs Vol 5 and 6 (LP Album)


CONDITION: Second hand – Mint, new (M)
Vinyl listened to once for control
This album contains 2 LPs

MF DOOM is a British-American hip-hop artist recognized for his unique approach to rap, his iconic mask that he never took off and its exceptional production.

MF Doom – Special Herbs Vol. 5 & 6” is part of a series of instrumentals produced by MF DOOM, showcasing his production talent and penchant for single samples.

The strength of “Special Herbs, Vol. 5 & 6” lies in the diversity of its inspirations from video games (DOOM), children’s series (Sesame Street) and various soundtracks. MF DOOM draws from an eclectic range of sources, fusing elements of classical music, funk, soul, rock and many other genres. Each sample is carefully selected and meticulously integrated, demonstrating the artist’s dedication to his craft.

A distinctive aspect of MF DOOM‘s “Special Herbs” series is the use of plant names as track titles.

The title of the album, “Special Herbs” (or “Herbes Spéciales” in French), therefore takes its origin from the plants, spices or extracts mentioned in the titles of the songs.

Each title is dedicated to a specific plant. “Pennyroyal” explores the traditional medicinal properties of this aromatic plant, while “Patchouly Leaves” immerses us in the world of patchouli, associated with purifying properties. “Lavender Buds” transports us with its lavender buds, prized for their calming scent, and “Orange blossom” celebrates the characteristic flavor and flagrance of this flower in the kitchen.

We have a particular attachment to this unique instrumental disc of its kind, which stands out for its captivating soundtracks “Orange Blossom” and “Black Snake Root” and its botanical evocations, a theme that we particularly appreciate .

This instrumental hip hop vinyl, with its captivating beats and original samples, will delight beatmaker fans who will find an inexhaustible source of inspiration and unique samples to enrich their own creations. DJs will also be delighted to integrate these diverse instrumental tracks into their sets to create exceptional atmospheres.

Label: Nature Sounds – NSD-106

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MF Doom – Special Herbs Vol 5 & 6” is a vinyl with a nostalgic atmosphere. Retro samples and cinematic references transport the listener to a bygone era, while remaining firmly grounded in modernity thanks to MF DOOM’s flawless creativity.

His distinctive approach to rap, combined with his exceptional producing talent, elevated MF DOOM aka Metal Fingers to the status of legend in the music industry. Among the many works that mark his career, the instrumental album “Special Herbs Vol. 5 & 6” stands out as a captivating showcase of his musical genius.

Among the many works that mark his career, the instrumental albumMF Doom – Special Herbs Vol 5 & 6” stands out as a captivating showcase of his musical genius.

The album “MF Doom – Special Herbs Vol 5 & 6” is part of a larger series where each volume highlights MF DOOM’s expertise in production. The uniqueness of this series lies in the use of unusual samples from films, cartoons and various recordings, creating a unique and cinematic sound experience.

This particular opus, composed of two distinct volumes, is an auditory journey through the creative universe of MF DOOM. Volume 5 introduces hypnotic beats, often accompanied by subtly integrated samples like sound effects from the video game DOOM. The juxtaposition of dynamic rhythms and ethereal melodies creates a mysterious and immersive ambiance.

Volume 6 continues this sonic exploration, offering a variety of musical landscapes. From the pop rock samples of Boz Scaggs‘ “Lowdown” to the soulful harmonies of Isaac Hayes‘ “Our Day Will Come” or Anita Baker’s “Sweet Love,” each track is a piece of the puzzle that contributes to the cohesive whole of the album.

The name of the album, Special Herbs, refers to these plants, spices or extracts that are mentioned in the song titles.

By associating each track with a specific plant, MF DOOM creates a link between nature, music and the listener’s imagination, thus enriching the artistic dimension of the entire work.

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