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Mort Garson – Plantasia (LP album)


CONDITION: Second hand – Mint, new (M)
Limited edition (1 green colored vinyl)

Mort Garson is a pioneer of electronic music and especially of the Moog synthesizer whose influence continues in the musical landscape. Born July 20, 1924 in Saint John, Canada, and died January 4, 2008 in San Francisco, Mort Garson left a significant mark through his innovative exploration of the possibilities offered by synthesizers and electronic music.

Plantasia” is one of Mort Garson’s most iconic albums which was released in 1976. This Moog music album has become an icon of ambient and experimental electronic music. “Plantasia” was created with the intention of serving as a soundtrack to the growth of houseplants, reflecting Garson’s passion for nature and sonic experimentation. The album is characterized by soothing and atmospheric synthetic sounds, which established a unique connection between electronic music and the natural world.

Each track on “Plantasia” is named after a specific plant, suggesting an intimate connection between music and the plant kingdom. Tracks such as “Symphony for a Spider Plant” and “Concerto for Philodendron & Pothos” add a playful and imaginative touch to the album. Mort Garson‘s approach is both scientific and poetic, capturing the essence of each plant through his music.

The album has seen a resurgence of interest in recent years, becoming a cult object for vinyl collectors and vintage electronic music enthusiasts.

This limited edition is as rare as a vegetarian carnivorous plant: a green vinyl, a guide so your plants don’t go on growth strike, and a download codeas exclusive as the secret recipe for the perfect compost made on a seed card to plant that could well make your digital gardening talents germinate!

Label: Sacred Bones records

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Mort Garson – Plantasia” is the emblematic Mort Garson album which has captivated fans of electronic and ambient music since its release in 1976.

This album, designed as a soundtrack for the growth of indoor plants, has become an icon of ambient electronic music. The idea of creating music specifically to stimulate plant growth was innovative at the time, and “Plantasia” demonstrated Garson’s artistic versatility.

The original idea was to create music from a Moog Synth that would stimulate plant growth, an innovative prospect at a time when the interaction between music and nature was not widely explored. The album opens on a mysterious note with the eponymous title “Plantasia”, a composition which evokes an enchanting atmosphere, conducive to plant life.

Mort Garson‘s music is not limited to “Plantasia“. He has explored a variety of musical styles, from pop to jazz to film music. His work is characterized by the creative use of synthesizers, creating unique and experimental soundscapes.

A fascinating aspect of Mort Garson’s career is his role in the innovation of electronic instruments. He was one of the first to explore and exploit the possibilities offered by the Moog synthesizer, thus contributing to the development of electronic music as a genre in its own right.

The album “Mort Garson – Plantasia” has seen a resurgence of interest in recent years, becoming a cult object for vinyl collectors and electronic music enthusiasts ancient.

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