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Woo – Into the Heart of Love (LP Album)


CONDITION: Second hand – Mint, new (M)
Edition including 2 LPs

Initially released on cassette in 1990, the album “Woo – Into the Heart of Love” remains an emblematic work of Woo containing some of their most popular songs such as it’s love, Make me tea, Hopi .

It is now available in its very first complete reissue in vinyl format remastered from high quality DAT sources including photos and drawings from the Woo archives as well as liner notes by Clive Ives.

Woo is made up of brothers Mark and Clive Ives, originally from London. The group has always been recognized for its timeless and experimental music. Their music is often described as an experimental fusion of various styles, combining elements of folk, new age, jazz and electronica.

Into the Heart of Love” offers a rich sound palette composed of exotic easy listening music, folk lullaby, transformed clarinets, pastoral tonal guitars and melodic electronic instruments. Soft synthesizers mingle with acoustic instruments, creating a harmonious combination of old and new.

It is music that lends itself to contemplation, encouraging calm introspection and a deep connection with one’s inner emotions, a true cosmic expression of the healing potential of love.

If the notes of this album were a shared order, the melody of Woo. would undoubtedly reduce the tumult of the world, calming hearts and easing tensions.

Label: Palto Flats – PF013

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The vinyl albumWoo – Into the Heart of Love” by the group Woo presents itself as a captivating sonic experience, a deep dive into a unique musical universe that transcends borders of the kind.

From the first notes of the album, we are carried away on a journey of such sweetness that it seems to emanate from another sphere. The pieces follow one another with an almost meditative fluidity, inviting the listener to immerse themselves in an ocean of sounds. Woo’s music has this rare ability to create a very warm, enveloping atmosphere, conducive to meditation and contemplation, while maintaining a simplicity that allows each instrument to breathe.

Active since the 1980s, Woo, an English duo composed of brothers Mark and Clive Ives, has built a unique and eclectic discography that transcends conventional musical genres.

Over the decades, Woo has maintained a discreet but influential presence in the musical landscape. Their music has attracted the attention of connoisseurs and artists, inspiring successive generations of creators. Despite their relative low profile in the mainstream media, Woo has gained a solid reputation for their distinctive artistic approach and their significant impact on the alternative music scene.

The group’s early albums received acclaim, with special mention for 1982’s “Whichever Way You Are Going, You Are Going Wrong” and 1989’s “It’s Cozy Inside.” This was with the reissue of their albums by the Drag labels City and Palto Flats that their music has found a new appreciation.

Woo – Into the Heart of Love” is much more than just an album. It is a work of sonic art that invites listeners into deep and meaningful exploration.

The Ives Brothers have created a musical experience that transcends boundaries, capturing the very essence of love and emotion through carefully orchestrated notes and harmonies.

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