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Sault – Nine (LP Album)


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Sault is a relatively recent British musical group that has gained popularity thanks to its intriguing and engaging music.

Sault is known to maintain a certain mystery around its identity, divulging little information about its members and generally avoiding mainstream media. The band fuses a variety of musical styles, ranging from soul, funk, R&B, gospel, post-punk, electronic and jazz, to create an unmistakable and captivating sound.

His albums often address social, political and cultural themes, dealing with topics such as racism, injustice and emancipation. The group is also recognized for its commitment to social justice and equality, which is reflected in its music and speech.

The Sault group has released several albums that have garnered attention for their unique blend of musical genres. Each album borrows a different universe and subject: The 3rd album Untitled (Black Is), released in 2019, evoked police violence and discrimination. The 4th album, Untitled (Rise), carried an optimistic and resilient message.

Regarding the album Nine, the group returns once again to police violence, thus denouncing the deep pain and intergenerational despair. Their voice carries a call to freedom while evoking the brevity of the time of childhood innocence lived in the street. Their lyrics on this album shine a light on the issues plaguing street youth: guns, gangs, alcohol, and more.

Nine‘s ten tracks carry deep lyrics within them, but thanks to the soft and sometimes cheerful music, we catch a glimpse of a brighter future.

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Sault – Nine – Vinyl album

Like the group’s previous albums,, “Sault – Nine” is characterized by great musical diversity. The compositions range from big beat Afro-Caribbean rhythms reminiscent of the aesthetic of the “Chemical Brothers” on the track “Trap Life”, to captivating soul on “Alcohol”, to a retro loop of bass and drums. on “London Gangs”. The album “Nine” even explores a French version of bossa nova with “Bitter Streets”, while incorporating touches of hip-hop in “You from London”.

The vinyl album “Sault – Nine” was only offered for streaming and download for a period of 99 days. This musical work is now only available in limited edition, in vinyl format.

The Sault group is known for keeping a veil of mystery around its identity. They chose to maintain anonymity and focus more on their music and messages than their public image.

Although speculation and rumors circulated as to the identity of the producer(s), the band itself had not made a public statement about it. They never performed in public. They never gave interviews or performed live concerts.

However, a few names have been subtly inserted into the liner notes: Inflo (who has worked with Jungle and Adele among others) is recognized as producer, while Michael Kiwanuka and Laurette Josiah (a social worker from South London) are mentioned as performers. Additionally, Cleo Sol is identified as the songwriter.

Nine” is the fifth album that merges the characteristic sounds of the previous ones while infusing it with an additional note of mystery and humor.

Here are some of their previous albums:

  1. “5” (2019): The album “5” was one of the group’s first projects to gain visibility. It includes tracks that mix neo-soul, funk and electronica, with lyrics that address topics as the struggle for justice and equality.This album helped establish Sault’s distinctive musical style.
  2. “7” (2019): In the continuity of their characteristic sound, “7” offers music that oscillates between retro and modern elements, fusing various influences to create a unique sound universe. The lyrics of this album tackle political and social themes with a critical eye.
  3. “Untitled (Black Is)” (2020): This album received considerable attention for its 2020 release, when global movements for racial justice were at the forefront. “Untitled (Black Is)” offers powerful and poignant songs that explore the experiences of the black community and raise issues such as systemic racism and resilience. The group Sault chose a powerful and meaningful title for this album. The title “Untitled (Black Is)” highlights the celebration and affirmation of black culture, while expressing a sense of pride and emancipation. The choice of title likely reflects the band’s commitment to the fight for equality, social justice, and recognition of the importance of the black community.
  4. “Untitled (Rise)” (2020): Released shortly after “Untitled (Black Is)”, this album retains the same Afrobeat and blues roots as its predecessor. This album offers a positive perspective and a message of resilience and hope. He continues to explore social and political themes, while emphasizing struggle and empowerment.

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