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Rodriguez – Cold Fact (LP Album)


CONDITION: Second Hand – Mint (M)

Rodriguez – Cold Fact” is a legendary vinyl by American artist Rodriguez combining elements of folk, rock and soul. Released in 1970, this album is a rare and little-known nugget of the folk-rock scene. The songs on “Cold Fact” are steeped in lyrical poetry, tackling social and political themes in a frank and introspective way.

The album evokes themes such as social injustice, poverty, love and the search for meaning, expressed with captivating vocals and subtle instrumentation.

The lyrics of the songs from Rodriguez‘s “Cold Fact” album are inspired by the true story of the artist himself. Rodriguez, real name Sixto Rodriguez, is an American singer-songwriter of Mexican origin. During his career, Rodriguez experienced a lack of recognition and commercial success, which led him to leave the music industry for many years. It was in South Africa that he had huge success, but it was not until years later, thanks to his daughter who came across the site dedicated to the artist created by a fan, that he in an acquaintance.

The songs on “Cold Fact” reflect the experiences, personal challenges and injustices that Rodriguez has faced in his life such as being told he was fired by his production company two weeks away from Christmas. They are imbued with great sincerity and emotional depth, testifying to the struggles and hopes of Rodriguez as an artist and an individual.

Rodriguez‘s soft and striking voice is accompanied by subtle musical arrangements, ranging from delicate acoustic melodies to psychedelic touches.

It is an essential choice for lovers of timeless music and the curious in search of exceptional musical discoveries.

Label: Universal

Vinyl Reissue LP

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Rodriguez – Cold Fact – vinyl album LP

The album entitled “Rodriguez – Cold Fact” is an iconic vinyl composed by American artist Rodriguez, harmoniously merging elements from folk, rock and soul. Released in 1970, this musical collection remains a rare and unknown pearl within the landscape of folk-rock music. The poetic and lyrical compositions present in “Cold Fact” approach with marked frankness and introspection themes related to society and politics.

The compositions featured in “Cold Fact” capture the experiences, personal obstacles and injustices that Rodriguez has faced throughout his life, such as when he was informed of his dismissal by his production company at just two weeks of the Christmas period. They are tinged with deep honesty and deep emotion, illustrating Rodriguez’s struggles and aspirations as an artist and as a human being.

The lyrics present in the songs of the album entitled “Cold Fact” by Rodriguez find their source in the authentic experiences of the artist himself. Rodriguez, whose real name is Sixto Rodriguez, is revealed to be an artist of American nationality of Mexican descent, acting with talent as a singer and composer. During his career, Rodriguez experienced a lack of recognition and commercial success in the territory of his native country, the United States, which led him to withdraw from the musical field for a long time. It was only after many years that Rodriguez discovered his immense success in South Africa. The discovery of this triumph was delayed until his daughter came across a website created by an admirer, exclusively dedicated to the artist.

A documentary film entitled “Searching for Sugar Man” directed by Malik Bendjelloul in 2012 tells the amazing and moving story of singer Sixto Rodriguez. The documentary traces his history marked by a lack of commercial success in the United States during the 1970s. The film explains how his songs became extremely popular in South Africa during the same period, how they played a significant role in the struggle against apartheid and became the anthem of a generation.

Searching for Sugar Man” follows the story of two South African Rodriguez fans who embark on a journey to uncover the truth about their idol’s fate. They believe the rumors that Rodriguez committed suicide on stage, but upon further investigation they discover that the details of his life are shrouded in mystery.

The documentary explores fans’ quest for truth and ultimately reveals that Rodriguez is alive, despite rumors of his death. The film highlights how his status as an unsung superstar in the United States contrasts with his fame in South Africa. Rodriguez was eventually invited to perform in South Africa, where he discovered how deep and meaningful his musical impact had been for many people. The documentary won numerous awards, including the Best Documentary Oscar in 2013, for its gripping storytelling and stunning revelation about the life of Sixto Rodriguez.

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